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Need help finding your layovers to calculate perdiem for years prior to 2018? Who do you fly for?

For your convenience Skytaxes offers several options when submitting documentation in for tax preparation.  You may submit your documents via our website, fax, mail, or schedule an in person appointment.  Our processing time is 2-5 business days from the receipt of your complete file.  We will NOT efile you without consent.

We need the following information to complete your income tax return:

  • All applicable tax documents this includes W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc. Copies are acceptable and recommended.
  • A Skytaxes Tax Organizer. Please fill this out to the best of your ability, this will ensure every deduction is taken advantage of.
  • Last pay stub with YTD totals
  • Final pay registers (Flight pairings, one of every month) or complete the perdiem calculation worksheet (page 6 of the tax organizer) in lieu of the pay registers. For years prior to 2018.

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  1.  To submit your taxes ONLINE via our website please click here
  2. To MAIL in your documents, please print and complete a Skytaxes organizer to include with your submission and mail to:
    Gateway I, Suite 600
    3663 N. Sam Houston E. Pkwy
    Houston, TX 77032
  3. To schedule an APPOINTMENT with one of our specialist please click here

Need help finding your layovers to calculate perdiem? Who do you fly for?


Go to Epays within Jetnet and print Pay Sheet Detail reports for all 12 months.


Go to DeltaNet by selecting Employee Info., then Self Service, then My Pay & Tax Info. Select Monthly Activity Reports


Go to “VIPS” system and print Pilot Per Diem Recap Sheets for all 12 months.


Go to CrewTrac and print CrewTime Reports for all 12 months.


Go to CRC Online within Crew My Pages and print Crew Member Duty Report for all 12 months.


Go to eCrew and print Personal Crew Schedules or Per-Diem Claim Form for all 12 months.


Original United need to print Year End Audit Report. Original Continental crew members, go to CCS select Other, then FlyingTogether. You will find both your paystub and pay registers under All About Me. Please print all 12 crew pay registers.


Go to FlightOps/CrewApp/schedView and print Pairing Detail Report for all 12 months.


Print Trip Pairings for all trips during the year showing the layover city codes.

Airtran, Compass, Endeavor, Freedom, Frontier, Go-Jet, JetBlue, Mesa, Midwest, Republic, Shuttle America, Spirit, and Trans States

Go to Sabre CrewTrac and print Schedule Detail Report for all 12 months.